Special Event Security

Risk assessment and situation analysis are indispensable to special event security, whether a public/private/corporate occasion. At CASS Global, we take pride in our team of Bodyguards, Close Protection Officers, and Executive Protection Officers that enable us to provide reliable, round-the-clock security solutions for any event. You can count on the professionalism of our dedicated protection officers whether it is a conference, private party, convention, charity event, red-carpet event, business gathering or a black-tie event.


Protective Security Services

CASS’ experienced, highly specialized personnel will work with you to draw up a comprehensive security plan that can best meet your requirements. Our special event security services include:

  • Crowd management
  • Access control
  • Ticket taking
  • Traffic and parking control
  • Executive protection

Special event security is a term best left to the discretion of the client. Here are a couple of instances where our security team scored high.

For one, it was a wedding so vast that CASS Global had to co-ordinate with no less than seven armed departments, including a foreign security service in addition to the Diplomatic Security Service of the Department of State. Tasked with mission execution as the overall element in charge and confronted with the staggering array of political horsepower at the wedding, we finally got what we asked for. A national no fly zone was extended over the property to 10 miles in any direction, with F-16s on standby at the request of the State Department. It took every employee we had back then, working 32 continuous hours attired in Tuxedos, but mission success was absolute.

Not all special events need to be so broad in scope. We had the pleasure of providing one Officer to escort an elderly widow of substantial means on a tour of the great art museums of Europe. She had something of a reputation in terms of service expectations accompanied by a razor wit and acerbic tongue, so we candidly admit to poring over our list of potential Officers with a bit more care than usual. Fingers crossed, we dispatched him to his pending demise, or at least what many considered would be a month long tour of purgatory.

The truth was that it was a spectacular success for both of them, and that anecdote cemented in stone the CASS Global policy of determining the right personality type for the assignment in addition to ensuring the appropriate skill set. It is a lesson we have never forgotten and one that is implemented every day at our headquarters.

The CASS Advantage

We conduct these activities all the time, and as per CASS Global norms, the outcome is decided long before the event occurs. As our valued client, you benefit from the following:

  • Thorough preparation, open and ongoing communication with you, and a relentless attention to detail.
  • Licensed and fully trained security personnel.
  • State-of-the-art door supervision and security services.
  • Reliable, prompt and friendly service from a global company with a proven track record.

It’s all about logistics, planning, and communicating, all three of which are long suits in the CASS Global deck of cards. And every Special Event brings both challenges and satisfaction following a job well done, which is why we enjoy them so much. Contact us today and let us develop a custom program for your upcoming event.