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Shawn Engbrecht's deep and resonating comprehension of the challenges confronting the affluent are a product of years spent on the inside, working hand in glove with multiple Ultra High Net Worth individuals, couples, and families from North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Decades spent as bodyguard/Chief of Staff/Personal Assistant (along with Estate Manager/Yacht security and butler in a pinch) enabled him to accrue sufficient wisdom to realize that the view from within is a far cry from the public's perception of wealth, and that those in positions of power have unique needs and face challenges that none outside this exceptional circle will ever understand. Hence the creation of CASS Global Security, which was reverse engineered based upon the needs of real world clients. It is a niche provider, unique in the world.

Spurning antiquated stereotypes and assumptions, Mr. Engbrecht identified the traditional "Reactive Style" stereotype of Protection Officers for what it was. Rigid, narrowly focused, and prone to failure in highly dynamic environments, which is precisely the locale where the high net worth tend to flourish.

By employing discrete, proactive, and highly flexible personnel who are cross trained on a variety of service platforms, CASS Global is able to invert the security pyramid in terms of creating a net asset versus debit in the discerning eyes of our clientele. The biggest payoff is for the CEO’s and selected individuals who consider "the world" their conference room. Accompanied by our quiet professionals, these executives are able to focus on the mission at hand, in a worry free environment where all personal services, in addition to unparalleled security, are but a few feet away. Anywhere on the planet.

Efficient. Unorthodox. Dynamic. Living in a constant state of flux. Driven. These are all adjectives describing top end clients and it became patently evident that they would also have to apply to the security professionals who accompanied them. Thus Mr. Engbrecht's focus on hand picking combat veterans from storied units who spent years living in ever changing, pressure cooker environments on a global basis. Where initiative, joint operations, and asymmetrical thinking were all required to successfully mitigate and adapt to risk. Even then, our in house training program suffers attrition in the 50% range.

Over the years, Shawn has assembled some of the world's première specialists and collectively they have built the new standard in terms of professionalism, efficiency, and service.

It has been nearly four decades since Shawn was deployed north of the Artic circle, counting Warsaw Pact tanks in a 4 man team as part of the 1rst Special Service Force. More recently saw a trip to the Syrian/Iraqi/Turkish border along with another to the Eastern portion of Tunisia abutting Libya. His personal military timeline encompasses Central America in the 1980's, a combat jump into Panama with the 1st Ranger Battalion, and behind enemy lines operations in the Persian Gulf War. He served in both Iraq and Afghanistan 2003-10 in multiple capacities from Project Manager to developing Low Level Intelligence Networks. Along the way a year was spent in the Horn of Africa training Kenyan infantry, many of whom are now engaged in counter terrorism operations in Somalia.

In the Corporate world he was tasked as a Team Leader in South America, spending nearly a decade working one on one, (though often with a team of up to twenty locals) providing Executive Protection in some of the most high-risk locales in the world. On one occasion the reception committee was violently carjacked on the way to the airport to pick him and the client up!

A natural leader, he has mentored hundreds of Close Protection candidates who now hold high positions in Government, the United Nations, the Armed Forces, and private Corporations. A boots on the ground style individual, he is still known to lead practical exercises and teach at our facility (which he founded in 1998) and never fails to spend as much time as possible with classes who will soon be posted to exotic locations worldwide. As befits our view of things, he dines last, after all others have been fed.

A cerebral warrior, he is the author of a critically acclaimed book on the shortfalls of Private Military Contractors and the methodology best used to improve them. He has consulted with the BBC World Service and appeared on ABC News, CBS, and "Hardball" with Chris Matthews as a subject matter expert on political assassination. In 2013, he was the focus on a NBC/Military Channel documentary pertaining to training/operating Tier 1 civilian teams in high risk areas worldwide.

Finally, it is a point of pride that he knows every client, and every employee on a personal basis. It is the only way forward, and CASS Global is representative of his proactive mindset.