CASS Global Security, a leading executive protection firm in the U.S. is focused on providing a full range of personal and professional security services designed to minimize our client’s threats, while maximizing freedom and mobility.

We’ve been at this for twenty years. But before you review the material below, which sounds a lot like what every security company does, we’d like to tell you WHY our client list keeps growing. It’s all about the people. When you take creative thinkers, train them hard, then empower them with the authority and responsibility to resolve issues as they come up, it’s a winning combination. Yes, we still make the occasional odd mistake, but far more importantly we learn from it and they only happen once. The astute clients realize this and have the privilege of watching the service curve go vertical. And because we allocate the same folks to the same clients for the next mission, we never have to re-invent the wheel. Secondly, because our guys on the ground are empowered, the client knows he gets a straight answer to a straight question. The other companies can’t compete because they don’t trust their guys on the ground the same way we trust ours. At the end of the day, it’s all about trust. And we realize that you have to earn it, every minute of every day. And that takes work. Which is why we win. We’re prepared to work hard to earn your trust.

What We Do

Ensure security in the real sense - This is what we do, and are the best in the business. Our seasoned, world class professionals rarely encounter a situation they have not dealt with before, often in a more dangerous context. Our security team comprises handpicked individuals who are driven to exceed performance expectations, and you may rest assured that the drive for perfection is as relentless as the perseverance required to see the project through to a successful conclusion. We encourage due diligence for reasons which eventually become self evident to satisfied clients. Our extensive, state-of-the-art security services include:

CASS Global’s experienced protection officers provide quality services for celebrities, VIPs, executives, government officials, and private clients seeking specialized global protective services. We create outstanding security strategies and plans to deter and reduce your threats.

Our Strengths

Our detailed planning helps to mitigate risk. Our strengths include:


Efficient in the true sense, CASS Global helps clients save time and money. We ensure enhanced security via speedy completion of administrative/logistical tasks. Our focus is on reducing the time our client spends on mundane tasks, thereby allowing him to find ample time for the extraordinary and exquisite.


Quality represents the pinnacle of achievement for CASS Global. We can create the image you wish to convey with quality, class, and effortless precision as the hallmarks of our passing. We are committed to providing top quality security and protection to our clients.


We are a small and happy family, where every member is special. Our dedicated protection officers include specially trained law enforcement and military veterans with years of diverse experience in security and investigation. Their expertise gives them an unrivalled depth of knowledge in dealing with executive protection. From threat assessment to complete executive protection, we provide customized solutions to ensure the client’s safety and security.

Constant vigilance and 24/7 services are other advantages that make CASS Global Security stand apart from its competitors.