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Rick Orlando carries the weighty responsibility of managing our VIP and Dignitary Protection element.

Mr. Orlando spent over 20 years in Special Operations Command, most of it with the storied Special Forces where he specialized in low intensity conflict and intelligence based operation in such remote locales as Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Indonesia. He has directly engaged in counter insurgency operations in the Philippines in a Special Operations capacity in addition to partaking in extremely high risk operations in Afghanistan. Due to his professional acumen, he was hand picked as a mentor of junior officers at the John F Kennedy School of Special Warfare for an extended tour.

Rick has one of the shortest retirements on record. Three days after he traded in his Green Beret he found himself en route to Iraq where the bottom was falling out in 2004. Assigned directly to the State Department he eventually was responsible for a massive 72 man team providing critical Close Protection for a large number of dignitaries. In addition to various heads of state, Rick was responsible for the personal well being of Condoleeza Rice, Joe Libermann, and John McCain during his famous "walk down a Baghdad street" during the surge in 2007.

His meticulous attention to detail was rewarded with yet high profile mission when he became one of the two shift leaders for Ambassador’s Private Security Detail. (Paul Crocker)

Rick’s intimate familiarity with the Middle East coupled with long association in providing critical services to high level dignitaries leaves him extraordinarily well positioned to manage CASS Global Vip/Dignitary Protection element and he is often asked for by name to supervise high profile details on a global basis. It is an easy claim to state that he is one of the most experienced service providers in the world in this highly specialized capacity. We are very lucky to have him on board.