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It is always a good start when a company can entice an individual who was educated on scholarships for outstanding academic achievement. It is even a better sign when the individual is a member, and former chairperson of the Emergency Management Committee. The last hurdle was cleared when our pending Emergency Response/Crisis Management candidate found himself trudging, on foot, through the sands from Tunisia into Libya accompanied by only Shawn Engbrecht and two very edgy Arab men carrying very large assault rifles. Rand took it all in stride and became an instant member of the CASS Global family upon safe return.

Rand had already founded (and grown to dozens of full time employees) his own company called "First Response Emergency Services" which specialized in the following:

  • Developed and facilitated table top exercises that provided client responders with non-time competitive command and control practice in navigating through the complexities of the preparedness and response principles of emergency management.
  • Developed and facilitated full scale simulation exercises to validate a client's emergency management program by challenging their emergency response capability in a real time-real world setting.
  • Conducted emergency management assessments that provided fact-based first-hand observations made in relation to a client’s potential to maximize the use of company, government, and outside resources in:
    • Ensuring an immediate and competent response to an emergency
    • Rescue and treatment of casualties
    • Minimizing damage to environment and property
    • Initially contain and ultimately bring an incident under control
    • Providing authoritative information to the news media
    • Preserving relevant records.
  • Provide direct client support in terms of emergency response, crisis management as well as public and/or government liason.

Rand has deployed worldwide with us, in addition to his former deployments under the emergency management umbrella.

He also has a solid, boots on the ground approach so similar to the hand picked, select few who call CASS Global home.

Rand, along with another operative, was in Cartagena, Colombia in early 2012 on operations. Along the way, he included this pristine nugget of intelligence for future CASS Global missions. In his report he stated that the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, should be avoided because the establishment was, "awash in prostitutes which could pose a threat to the operational security of future operations" and he recommended we use a different hotel, which we do.

Three months later the Secret Service was embroiled in the prostitution scandal at precisely the same hotel. So Rand is a well rounded professional, astute and nimble, in addition to not being afraid to state what he thinks... which is why we are so lucky to have him on board.