It was once said that, “knowledge can be learned, but wisdom can only be accrued.” Our collective experiences have tended to confirm that little nugget of learning.

The purpose of this page is to inform, educate, and occasionally challenge the reader. Although it is under my authorship, the contributions come from all within the company, regardless of rank or experience. It is an opportunity for me personally, as well as on behalf of the company, to communicate directly with the public in an attempt to redress misconceptions, encourage learning, and hopefully to act as a catalyst for intelligent decision making. Along the way, you may laugh a bit, be saddened upon occasion, and learn a bit more about us. We hope so.

Not all the posts relate to “only” things security. Nor are all written to conform to the public opinion of the moment. But they do reflect the mindset of the majority of us most of the time, from where it is possible for the educated reader to construct intelligent hypotheses about how we may perform in other areas.

There is a vast quantity of “accrued wisdom” in the articles and anecdotes that will follow over the years to come. We hope you find them of value.

Thanks for reading.
Shawn Engbrecht