All of CASS Global’s operatives are well versed in the fine art of Surveillance. Additionally, there is a small element within the company who have turned this niche occupation into something approaching an art form. They are seasoned professionals and are routinely tasked out on sensitive assignments on a global basis.

Our Surveillance Detachment operates with two specific goals in mind.

  • The first is to provide our clients with the ability to intercept/interdict negative events by providing absolute proof that an action has (or has not) actually transpired. Normally this serves to confirm earlier suspicions and provides the key data necessary for the client to exercise intelligent judgment based on the surveillance summary placed before him. CASS Global’s range of capacity, in terms of technical and personnel means, is truly extraordinary.
  • The second application is infinitely more cunning in how it pertains to safeguarding the client.

CASS Global runs an extremely aggressive in house Surveillance program for ALL officers, regardless of final destination. By the use of saturation training methodology, our Protection Officers became subject matter experts on tails, choke points, prime positions, etc. These exhausting training regimens are all designed to increase situational awareness and hammer home the key fundamentals of all surveillance techniques, regardless of background or skill level of the individual conducting it.

We are, in essence, teaching the fox how to break into the henhouse.

The return on investment comes in the form of elevated counter-surveillance skills, as our operatives know precisely what to look for. They are, in fact, "looking for themselves" and due to their intimate knowledge of the discipline are well positioned to identify elements who are attempting to mount hostile surveillance on the client. Counter Surveillance is one of the trump cards in the Close Protection deck and the stronger the Surveillance skills, the stronger the Counter Surveillance skills. By becoming acutely aware of our operational environment, we are better prepared to move silently and swiftly through it. As CASS Global is both swift and silent, we consider Surveillance to be one of the foundations of our success.