Protective Surveillance

Protective Surveillance operatives, when merged into Protection Details who are well versed in Counter Surveillance, offers the most comprehensive, turn key, security package available in the world today. Individuals who are conducting Protective Surveillance are released from traditional Executive Protection duties and are free to roam to wherever the threat is greatest.

Clandestinely blending in with indigenous populations with no apparent connection to the Protection Team, Protective Surveillance operatives are able to expand that invisible ring of security away from the client, far beyond the capacity of the Protection Team who are focused on immediate, short range threats.

Based upon their "invisibility" to host populations, top tier Protective Surveillance operatives are able to identify dangerous scenarios long before assailants are close enough to harm the client.

Once only available to Governments due to their inherent complexity, CASS Global is pleased to maintain one of the top Protective Surveillance elements available on a commercial basis.

Protective Surveillance also offers selected clients with another bespoke option which is the covert protection of an individual without their realizing that an invisible net has been cast around them. Although extraordinarily difficult to mount and even harder to maintain on a sustained basis, the in house capability of CASS Global provides this capacity for select operations.

As part of the overall efficiency of the process is based on the assailant’s lack of knowledge of the process, any Protective Surveillance operations are discussed directly with the client thus avoiding unnecessary exposure via open channels.

Make no mistake, Protective Surveillance is earmarked for only the very best, and is not available to all clients.