Operational Security Training

An Operational Security Overview is one of the best values for money in the industry. The overview focuses on the most important element of any organization: its people.

The OSO is designed to identify procedural flaws inside the entity, be it corporate, family office, family or any combination of the above.

The first step is to understand that any person who may wish to damage the client must first gather information or intelligence regarding his potential target. Intelligence comes from two sources. Open and closed. Open sources, since the advent of social media, are vast storehouses of information. Print media, especially the society pages, are another source of open intelligence. Many an upscale jewel thief is an avid fan of the gossip columns for they clearly state who is going away for a month thus leaving the home unstaffed and valuables unattended.

CASS Global is fully cognizant of the fact that the best attacks are those that never actually occur. The best way to deter an attack is to never provide sufficient intelligence to the adversary to allow him to be in a predetermined place at a predetermined time.

The key is the way the client and staff manage their intelligence. Intelligence in this context constitutes travel schedules, press appearances, control of social media, etc. The more predictable a client becomes the greater the chances of negative action. The longer in advance predetermined events are made public, the longer the planning sequence for the opposition which translates into better odds of success. The more exposure the client has to the media, the more recognizable his face becomes as a target.

We long ago accepted reality in that not all clients can live their lives in the shadows. But we also realize that a comprehensive set of Security Protocols can dramatically reduce the exposure time to potential assailants if implemented correctly. By tightening media management we still allow the client to conduct his business, but eliminate any superfluous intelligence that could be of value to the opposition.

A real world anecdote is in order. During the insurgency in Baghdad circa 2004-2007, many of the State Department vehicles were blown up on a regular basis, along with the security teams. Why? They were huge black American SUV’s, equipped with flashing lights and sirens, making them uniquely identifiable from miles away. There was always a minimum of three vehicles. There was only one route to and from Baghdad airport, and the insurgents knew this and planned attacks accordingly. Americans died because they made themselves a highly identifiable target and did not believe in Operational Security the way we did.

We adopted a different approach, opting to travel in rattle trap local taxis, and usually solo. We never suffered an attack in this configuration because the opposition could not find us, and you can’t kill what you can’t find. In short, we denied the insurgents the intelligence they required to prepare an effective attack.

The rules are the same with our clients. By denying potential assailants any intelligence, we render them unable to effectively attack.

CASS Global is not attempting to turn clients invisible. Only to their potential enemies.