Counter Surveillance

Even "random crimes" require at least some level of planning. The attacker must choose the time, location, and identity of the victim. If the assailant has targeted a high net worth/political/celebrity individual, then the process becomes vastly more difficult if Operational Security is maintained and a Protection Team is engaged.

The bottom line is that sooner or later the assailant is going to have to gather intelligence prior to the attack so he can determine the best methodology to employ. Normally that entails having to actually put "eyes on" the location and the target. So for the amount of time required to gather the pre attack intelligence, the perpetrator is fully exposed in terms of being visible to competent Counter Surveillance.

And if there is one thing that the US State Department, Army, FBI, and the CIA actually can agree on it is that this fleeting window of opportunity provides the best chance to identify and negate the attack. If we don’t nail them while they are gathering data the next time we see them may very well be at gunpoint and we are now in a reactive posture facing potential catastrophe.

For that reason, all CASS Global operatives are ceaselessly focused on Counter Surveillance.

The clients won’t see the vast majority of it. Occasionally he may wonder why we take a strange turn on occasion (running routes), tend to scribble indecipherable notes (license plates) or have a strange fixation for strangers’ shoes. (Hardest part of a disguise to change under pressure). We also take and compare large quantities of photos, looking for the one thing out of place.

We are believers because it has worked for us in reality. A hostile surveillance element was discovered in South America and we turned the data over to the Police Special Operations Unit. Some hours later a raid was executed and the problem was resolved on a permanent basis.

Counter Surveillance is the single most powerful, non-lethal weapon in any Protection Team’s arsenal.

We are occasionally gently chided by those we protect when they say, "CASS Global operatives seem to have eyes in the back of their head".

We do. Its called Counter Surveillance.