Protective Security

Protective Security represents the suite of supporting bodyguard services provided by CASS Global. Each can be engaged in a stand-alone capacity or as part of a more robust plan. We can also enhance services dependent upon client’s requirements.

  • Operational Security Overviews are an audit of how the client’s human assets are performing in terms of threat assessment security. These overviews are both broad and deep, leaving no stone unturned in the quest for better control over information and intelligence currently available on the client. If needed, training programs are developed, implemented, and audited to ensure minimum leakage of key data pertaining to the individual in question.
  • The Surveillance Services Suite of skills are actually one of the most powerful weapons in the CASS Global arsenal. Through Counter Surveillance, we are able to detect patterns of hostile individuals long before they have accrued sufficient intelligence to be harmful to the client. This underscores our company theme stating "the best way to defeat an attack is to never have one in the first place".

    Surveillance tools provide us the mechanism to confirm/deny suspicions and to determine the identity of the culprit should the family circle be penetrated by alleged friends or employees whose true intention is one of malice.

    Protective Surveillance, the premiere tool for unusual situations, grants the client extraordinary capacity in intelligence gathering, security, and seamless movements on a daily basis. It can also be applied to selected individuals without their knowledge, throwing an invisible web of security around them but still within striking distance should a threat materialize.
  • Special Operations are exactly that and are only discussed face to face with the client. Suffice it to say that many case histories read more like fiction than fact.

When combined with classic Executive Protection Operations, our Protective Services creates the strongest two-track system of deterrence and risk mitigation currently available on a commercial format in the world today.