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One of the few drawbacks as a thought leader in the Security Services is the deluge of requests that CASS Global receives from the “other” guys, all asking to be somehow connected as a “partner”. It’s an easy way for a mediocre company to draft behind an extremely competent one and our clients all have vast experience in this vein.

CASS Global is partnered with only one other service provider, and neither one of us asked. After working together in multiple venues, it was self evident that they are the masters of the K9 world no less than we are in our specific niche. When ever Steve Scott shows up with his elite collection of Government and Personal Service dogs, we know the final result is not in doubt. One only need review the client list on his website to remove all doubt.

If you require ONLY a K9 service, here is the link to our peer in the 4 legged Security Service.