Free Consultation Olga Collet


Ms. Collet is CASS Global's resident expert on counter surveillance, protective surveillance, threat assessments, low level intelligence networks and the Dedicated Advance Team. Hailing from Eastern Europe, she is also stunningly accurate with an AK-47.

With an advanced degree in Economics/Accounting from Kiev, Olga's first foray abroad took her to the West African nation of Mali for a year. Based on overall mission success, follow on deployments took her to Libya and nearly a year spent in Khartoum, Sudan.

Some of her "mission accomplished" deployments were in Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Thailand, Honduras, Kenya and Burundi; along with a number of successful missions in Western and Eastern Europe.

In the past few years, she was also deployed to Barbados to instruct selected Government services in the fine art of surveillance/ counter surveillance and weeks later was conducting a high profile advance in Cannes for the annual film festival.

As the sole female on the command team, Ms. Collet has probably had to earn her keep many times more so than some of her male colleagues in this male dominated profession. Suffice it to say that her expertise is without parallel in the niche element she engages in, and her performance has served as a role model for other women desiring to enter the industry.

As always, we are happy to have her on board.