America's Covert Warriors

America’s Covert Warriors: Author: Shawn Engbrecht

America’s Covert warriors is a solid blend of historical analysis and first person narratives clearly defining the role of armed civilians deployed to war zones, often as military contractors. From its birth in Sierra Leone through its current guise in Afghanistan, the reader is taken on a complex journey replete with first person accounts, objective fact finding and, perhaps most important of all, sound templates for future operations. By careful dissection, (a few positive and most disastrous) the experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan have contributed to the foundation for the ongoing success that is CASS Global Security today. Mr. Engbrecht still uses examples he witnessed first hand as training scenarios for Protection Officers prior to worldwide deployment.

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From Gladiators to the Secret Service

From Gladiators to the Secret Service Author: Ed Butts

As enthusiastic supporters in positive reading for young adults, CASS Global was pleased to contribute to this learning narrative for teen-agers. We were thrilled that the volume stresses professional conduct, avoids violence, and clearly displays that the "good guys win" when they do things the right way. Ed Butts interviewed CASS Global for hours and did a superb job in conveying the challenges and virtues of the role of the bodyguard while adroitly sidestepping the gratuitous violence that is so endemic in young people’s culture nowadays. We look forward to the next volume and way to go Ed!

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Action Hero’s Handbook
Author: David Borgenicht, Joe Borgenicht

Action Hero's Handbook

No company should be afraid to contribute a few tongue in cheek anecdotes towards publications whose main theme is one of undiluted entertainment. It provides the opportunity for serious companies to be well...less serious. So CASS Global let their hair down for an afternoon and provided Joe Borgenicht some insight into some of our more esoteric skills. It was great fun, contributed to some hilarious reading, and we suffered only slight pucker anxiety from our "serious" (which we read as grumpy) competitors. As an aside, the company found it hysterical when Mr. Engbrecht, who actually survived a catastrophic parachute malfunction, was nominated to be the one interviewed for the skydive chapter.

Action Heroine’s Handbook
Author: Jennifer Worick, Joe Borgenicht

Action Heroine's Handbook