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Executive Summary

  • Over a decade of security operations experience in a multiplicity of environments ranging from low intensity domestic operations through complex dismounted infantry operations in urban environments in Iraq.
  • Repetitively produced "turn key" operations for both corporate and private clients. Duties entailed initial threat assessment, site surveys, and the drafting of all pertinent security protocols. Protocols were as diverse as contingency planning for armed attack to co-ordinations with private jet carriers to ensure corporate travel went smoothly.
  • Responsible for the health, welfare, and overall effectiveness of teams ranging from 4-18 men in both US and overseas environments. Able to provide maximum results on a sustained basis.
  • Logistically capable of implementing detailed and complex operations in a multi tiered environment, and able to allocate appropriate resources predicated upon the need of the client.
  • With both Ivy League Baccalaureate and Masters in Science, fluency in four languages and raised overseas, is well placed strategically to communicate effectively with both clients and peripheral staff regardless of socio-economic background.

Executive Protection Officer (2006-current)

  • Personal bodyguard and team leader to Chinese media mogul currently
  • Multiple domestic and international assignments with constant travel both armed and unarmed
  • Current with all appropriate documentation to include CCW with reciprocal states, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, licenses, etc.
  • Duties invariably included reviews and improvements in current security posture, promulgation of complex contingency plans, selection and training of supporting staff, and overall command of teams.

United States Marine Corps (2001-2005) (HONORABLE DISCHARGE)

  • Dismounted infantry operations during initial invasion (2003) with time in Basra and DHI QarProvinces, and Baghdad.
  • Partook in sustained combat infantry operations in urban environments both as a Team leader and later as squad leader. Due to aggressive training and work ups, took no casualties.
  • Named Marine of the Year, Division Wide competition (25,000 men)
  • Deployments: Kosovo, Kuwait, Iraq, Japan, Norway

United States ARMY (2007-2010) (HONORABLE DISCHARGE)

  • INSTRUCTOR: United States Army John F. Kennedy Warfare Center and School, Special Warfare Medical Group (W1E0M1) Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Additional Skills

  • Multi-Lingual with fluency in English, Greek, Spanish and German. Basic conversational Mandarin and French
  • References upon request