Yacht Security

The high seas, as any news outlet can confirm, are not the same placid waters they were even a generation ago. However, if one listened too long to the news, one would only take to the Ocean via battleship. Once again the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction.

Yacht security is a question of balance. CASS Global believes that an integrated, multi-faceted approach improves overall security while minimizing the overt manifestations of it.

Our yacht security program is based on three concepts which are as follows.

  • The most critical component is the crew. History has amply demonstrated to us that the majority of untoward events can be traced back to the crew talking too loudly in the wrong bar in the wrong part of town. The truth is, most yacht crews do not take security as seriously as they should, and even rudimentary security training is lacking. When we implement Operational Security Protocols within the crew, even the potential for hazard drops precipitously. When crews comprehend that they are expected to "buy in" to security as part of an overall performance standard, the result is invariably positive.
  • The second leg is based on physical security. Many a yacht survey has discovered gangways and ladders left unattended at sea level. Even a distance of a few feet in elevation can deter all but the most hardened criminals. The introduction of discrete technical means pushes the invisible "trip wire" far outside the immediate perimeter of the yacht. Additional barriers/deterrents can be applied predicated upon individual circumstance.
  • The third and final leg is based upon the tried and true principle of integrated training. All the security systems in the world are of little value if they are not exercised vigorously with a view to improving overall performance. By dedicated exercises crews are able to discern weak areas and thus are able to improve them. Crew training increases knowledge, competency, confidence, and improves overall morale. It requires effective discipline and teamwork to overcome dangerous situations, and the truth is the more one practices, the better prepared one is should it ever become a reality.

CASS Global understands that precious down time for a client with friends and family is a poor location for overt displays of defensive measures. Our goal is to create the perfect "invisible bubble" which creates the perfect balance between convenience and safety. Make no mistake, our defensive capacity on yachts, especially in International waters, can be robust indeed. But we still believe the best way to get out of trouble is never to get into it in the first place. It’s a policy that works. We understand that ships are meant for the open seas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tilt the playing field in our favor. Yacht security with CASS Global. Because it works.