Overseas Bodyguard

For our clients who travel on business, this is where the rubber hits the road. Be it oil rigs on the Tunisian-Libyan border or remote mines in New Guinea, this is where CASS Global shines.

All our operatives are highly trained in remote advances, threat assessments and surveys. But true quality often lies with the invisible elements that CASS Global brings to the table.

Our Officers routinely execute the following missions:

  • Assist in travel plans
  • Assist in choosing most appropriate hotel/lodging in terms of communications, accessibility and security
  • Liaise with local national security elements for up to the minute intelligence data
  • If exceptional security considerations are warranted, will co-ordinate with Host Nation forces for additional resources from either the Armed Forces of the Police.
  • Provide flawless Close Protection in a seamless manner
  • Serve as personal envoys of the client
  • Enjoy considerable Command Presence thus backstopping the important imagery associated with the client when necessary

Case Study One:

Deployed to Iraq/Kuwait to overhaul dysfunctional security firm. As part of the process determined that 20+ additional staff would be required and host company had no methodology in place to accomplish the mission. CASS Global flew direct from Baghdad to Kuwait City to Kathmandu on zero notice and accomplished the mission in 96 hours. This entailed soliciting appropriate personnel, devising selection process, creating administrative procedures from scratch, and coordinating for out processing of new departures. All in 4 days. Creative planning, speed of execution, and saved the client a fortune. Mission success.

Case Study Two:

During closing days of the Cannes Film Festival one of our operatives was reassigned on zero notice to deploy to Hong Kong. Upon arrival in Hong Kong assumed Protection Role on private jet to Bali, Singapore, and multiple locations in Indonesia. Individual responsible for all facets of security and travel. He was literally calling the hotel from the front seat of the Rolls Royce to confirm coordination’s at the reception at the Governor’s Mansion 2 hours hence. Additional duties included liaising with security teams from multiple nations, overseeing security at a "personal dinner" of billionaires only, through to the minute details as confirming the client’s cell phones were always fully charged. Ritz-Carlton service with Fed-Ex speed. Mission success.

Case Study Three:

High risk assignment in South America. Our Protection Officer created a secure environment for the necessary legal actions taken on the client’s behalf. Due to extraordinary level of hostility, CASS Global arranged surreptitiously to fly client out on chartered aircraft under a disguised name and flight plan. Security teams, accompanied by Police Special Operations units, were left behind in client’s villa to neutralize hostile forces bent on revenge and intimidation.

The key moment occurred when the Protection Officer in question was able to successfully identify hostile surveillance via appropriate counter surveillance techniques. In so doing, we were able to vector the appropriate Government entities onto the individuals in question. Final result was client was able to restart operations in a profitable manner. Mission Success.