Mobile Training/Operations Teams

Mobile Training Teams (MTT) are a tremendous force multiplier in terms of control and efficiency for numerous clients. Technically falling under the "Global Protective Services", Mobile Training Teams are all subject matter experts hand-picked to deliver clear, performance based training anywhere in the world.

Our clients have employed MTT’s to train household staff in security measures, conduct yacht security training modules, or even instruct foreign security elements who are subcontracted under the client as part of the overall security plan.

Additionally, for clients in the Corporate sector, we are able to provide a full suite of training services, ranging from Operational Security briefings to corporate staff through full scale Special Forces combat training for host governments.

CASS Global is also highly effective when MTT’s transition into an "operational role" as opposed to a "teaching one" as the following points will confirm.

Past case histories include:

  • Training Kenyan Infantry for combat operations in Somalia prior to the 2012 invasion. A follow on mission entailed developing Special Forces capabilities which helped end the recent bloodshed at the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Nairobi
  • Training the Barbados Special Branch, Special Operations Forces, Immigration, and Customs in Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, and Protective Surveillance
  • Threat Assessments for Seismic and Drilling Locations and Community Development Program in the Syria/Iraq/Turkey tri border area in 2012
  • Evacuation Planning for Energy Company located on the Tunisia/Libya border. Threat Assessment and suggested protocols for improvement to include focus on community development with resulting low level intelligence networks.
  • Trained an entire Security Company in Ecuador to the standard necessary to operate with American Corporate clients. We trained 38 of their employees over an extended period of time to a successful conclusion.
  • On numerous occasions provided intelligence briefs and introduced security protocols for individuals who were traveling to at risk parts of the world.
  • Developed and implemented custom security training for domestic staff of high net worth individuals.

The size and composition of the team can be modified to the precise requirements of the mission. Teams are deployable worldwide and can assimilate rapidly into foreign cultures. As every member of CASS Global is cross-trained on a standardized platform, the selection and speed at which teams can be constructed is faster than our competitors.

  • Mobile Training/Operations Teams are nimble, flexible, and cost effective.
  • They usually represent the most efficient way to deal with unexpected problems requiring a blend of action/instruction.
  • They are a powerful force multiplier for any Dedicated Protection Officer who has the ability to offer these services to his client.
  • Finally, as they are CASS Global operational staff, you also have the satisfaction of knowing these teams will never opt for the easy wrong over the hard right, and will complete to mission to the highest standards of excellence, regardless.