Global Protective Services

Client itineraries can become staggeringly complex. For example, London-Cannes-London-Singapore-Hong-Kong-Bali-Los Angeles-New York. This was done in under a fortnight. The client had a serious business to run. The rest was on us.

A closer inspection will reveal that firearms are banned in some locales, where renting a suitable vehicle may prove to be difficult in others.

The solution is sensible integration of logistics into one turnkey package, with CASS Global maintaining control of all the moving pieces. In so doing, we have the authority/responsibility to tap the appropriate armed service provider in Istanbul and ensure the appropriate sedan is on standby in Milan. Long established in most of the world’s première locales, we have already developed a "go-to" of similar firms who clearly stand above their peers on a professional basis.

In those areas where competent assets are few and far between, we can make arrangements to either import our own or ensure that the best available is on standby.

Because of the high concentration of military in our ranks, to include several staff officers who did nothing but plan similar type operations, we are well versed in the arrangement of highly sophisticated logistics packages.

Bottom line is that if you can think of it, we can probably do it. Or already have. Which is precisely the reason we are CASS Global and not CASS villager.