Emergency Response

Emergency response is the reactive twin to its proactive sister, Contingency Planning. Whenever CASS Global arrives at the Emergency Operations Center we can always tell, based on level of noise, how much work went into the Continuity Planning. The more silent the background, the better the team is prepared to handle the Emergency. When we observe key executives bickering over turf wars we know it’s going to be a long night. Again, Contingency Planning alleviates a lot of the stress, especially when it is coupled with realistic rehearsals.

The critical issue when confronted with any form of Emergency Response is one of speed. The faster CASS Global can get there the less time there is for the event to "ripple out" and contaminate all it touches. Mentally, we strive to get ahead of the event and in so doing retake the initiative. The longer we are reactive the tougher it becomes to be proactive. Speed provides additional time, which allows for a more intelligent counter attack.

CASS Global insists that Emergency Response teams or individuals are included in any rehearsals if we have been tasked with both Contingency Planning and Emergency response.

The threats or events CASS Global has been confronted with in the past represent the entire criminal/economic/personal spectrum. We have had to deal with death threats to an Executive VP of a Fortune 500 company in South America. CASS Global has been confronted with a mob of hostile villagers actually storming the wire and ransacking an oil camp in North Africa. We had to contain a massive internal threat in the form of an out of control child whom, had his activities become public knowledge, would have destroyed his high profile parents.

Suffice it to say that CASS Global can move with alacrity. Following the cataclysmic earthquake in Haiti, we were asked to contribute manpower on a "same day" basis for a search and rescue mission for a number of Missionaries trapped in the country. Deploying out of the Dominican Republic the next morning, the team was able to effect a border crossing equipped with the material necessary to extricate the victims. In less than 48 hours the individuals in question were located hiding in a jail, were extracted from a furious mob, and returned to safety via private aircraft to the United States.

As a general rule CASS Global prefers to sidestep the glare of publicity and on any operation we control every effort is made to avoid interaction with any media whatsoever. We include this example as we contributed to a collective effort. It should also be noted that CASS Global’s Emergency Air Evacuation Service in the best in the world and has medically extracted individuals from Antarctica through Zimbabwe.

Any Emergency Response must be rapid, robust, and decisive as the longer we wait the more our capacity to control the situation is degraded. To that end it is critical that an Emergency Response Team contains all the decisive elements to include logistics, finance, and legal. The only exception should be when the event is within the client family, which is addressed elsewhere in this website.

It is impossible for CASS Global to provide insight into every possible danger. However, this page should serve as a guideline for how to implement the appropriate Emergency Responses.

The final key, as with all things with CASS Global, is effective planning in the first place. Which is why we place the onus on Continuity/Contingency Planning which is proactive and cost effective compared to Emergency Response, the reactive and very expensive counterpoint to intelligent preparation.

Thinking it through beats fighting it through every time.