Dedicated Advance Team

Dedicated Advance Teams are designed for clients to whom time represents money. If you need the fastest, most seamless movement possible while incorporating the best available security, then this is the go-to option.

A Dedicated Advance Team has prepared the ground ahead of you. Expedited immigration and customs. Fast tracked movements to the hotel where check- in has already been completed. The conference center is booked, vehicles rented, communications set up and security posted. All you have to do is show up and focus on the mission at hand.

Behind the scenes, long before you arrive, the teams will have discretely visited every venue prior to your arrival. Your Dedicated Protection Officer, who travels with you, will already have received precise details on layouts, seating, and emergency exits. You will never need wonder again which way to the bathroom.

The Advance team will have coordinated with local Police and Military if need be to ensure you time is untroubled.

In short, it’s almost as if you never left home, or as near as human hands can make it. For those who are at the top of their game, where precise focus is required without distraction, this option is absolutely the way to go.

The interesting detail about CASS Global’s Dedicated Advance Teams is that the client rarely gets to meet these meticulous individuals. For once the client arrives at the first secured destination that is the cue for the Advance Team to depart to the next one. We strive to be one city, one country, or one continent ahead of those we serve so as to never get caught short.

Advance team members are detail driven, meticulous, and trained to be, above all things, efficient. These are the ultimate "pressure cooker" individuals who realize that one small mistake can have the client wrestling with administrative trivia when he should be concentrating on the task at hand. And that lack of focus can cost millions in the conference room. Distracted clients are bad for business and bad for us. The Dedicated Advance Team mitigates that risk.

It would be fair to state that our Protection Officers are primarily results driven.

Our Dedicated Advance Teams are the only section of the company which is process driven. Process in this case refers to the mission execution checklists they all adhere to with unswerving passion and commitment. They are their own niche clique within a very small niche of professionals. The greatest compliment we can provide to them is when the Protective Services element calls them up after the client is safely home and tells them that, "nothing happened."

They hear it a lot. And we are extraordinarily grateful to have them on board, for they represent invisible assets that pave the way for the rest of us and contribute so much to overall mission success.