International Executive Protection

International Executive Protection is a core skill set of all CASS operational officers. Our methodology involves a comprehensive assessment of the risks in the location and the development of a superior set of risk mitigation tools. By ensuring seamless, safe travel for executives, we ensure that they can focus on the purpose of their mission without worrying about potential threats in the destination country.

International Executive Protection services at CASS cover:

Our International Executive Protection Methodology

Our carefully coordinated processes for your safety in a foreign location involves the following

  • A thorough remote threat assessment of the locale. This may be a straightforward procedure in Europe, Australia, and other Western democracies, but a more complicated task in unstable regions
  • Development of a sophisticated communications network for faster response times when required with a mission planning sequence integrating personal assistants the in country host, corporate staff, and other key players and service providers
  • Deployment of high-tech communication systems to maintain real-time communications across continents even in catastrophic situations
  • Shouldering all major logistical responsibilities
  • Identifying a host nation local security provider if deemed necessary - depending upon national laws and circumstances

Our personnel are invariably in very close proximity to the client conducting classic Close Protection operations. Every CASS international bodyguard executes Counter Surveillance on a continuing basis to detect any potential threat in advance. Our team of bodyguards also develops Low Level Intelligence Networks (LLINs) to mitigate risks to provide real time input/analysis for future trips to the same location.

One of the main highlights of our International Executive Protection service is that we are as unobtrusive as possible. Our clients focus on the purpose of their travel while we quietly harmonize complicated itineraries to minimize errors that can reduce efficiency or comfort.