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CASS Global is one of the world's premiere Executive Protection firms, specializing in the unique challenges confronting high net worth individuals and their families. We are recognized for our bespoke, highly intelligent security services - represented by friendly (but never familiar) Officers, who are routinely assigned to corporate, private, and international clients on a global basis. Our Bodyguards are ruthlessly trained, decades-of-experience professionals at the top of their game with a sixth (and seventh) sense when it comes to anticipating your needs, and most importantly, your safety.

Our expertise includes:

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Our risk management and mitigation strategies have been successful in critical missions around the world from Argentina to the Philippines. When developing a comprehensive, foolproof strategy, we take into consideration the surrounding political environment and cultures.

Shawn Engbrecht, President of CASS Global Security is a highly respected figure in international executive protection and personnel training. His full biography can be found here.

His comments regarding the initial consultation:

"As a niche security provider servicing extraordinarily busy individuals, strong initial communications are critical to ongoing success. Which means that whenever possible, assuming I am not deployed, I pick up the phone personally. No middlemen, no bungled transcription, and no need to reinvent the wheel in follow on communications. It is painless, foolproof, and efficient. I understand the client's needs precisely, and they are speaking to the individual who is both accountable and responsible. Implementation is straightforward when we share a common vision.

Over the years, we have found this to be the keystone for the construction of long term relationships, on both a professional and personal basis.

It is worth repeating that consultations are held in the strictest confidence.

So if in doubt, it's probably worth a few minutes of your time on the phone. I look forward to the conversation."

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