Q: What makes CASS Global the number one choice in Executive Protection?

A: At CASS, the global protective services philosophy we adopt is a pro-active approach that enables us to plan ahead and thereby decide the outcome. We focus on minimizing the chance of untoward events down the road through robust and intense mission preparation. We opt for the hard right over the easy wrong and educate clients on the difference which is not always visible at first glance.

Q: How long has CASS Global been in the field?

A: CASS Global is a leading US Security Firm with almost 3 decades of experience in International Executive Protection and Crisis Management. Our organization was born out of the need for Foreign Governments to utilize US experience, expertise and training to settle anything from local border disputes to drug wars and interdiction operations.

Q: What about the clients CASS Global serves?

A: CASS Global’s unique heritage and reputation in conflict resolution at the government level has made it the premier choice for a number of Fortune 500 companies when it comes to their Executive's protection and well being. Additionally, Ultra high net worth individuals represent an ever increasing percentage of CASS Global’s client base on a worldwide basis.

Q: Are you a broad-spectrum service provider and why?

A: No. Like many of our clients, we believe that expansion can dilute quality and thus focus on providing a handful of security services par excellence. We don’t advertise food safety, stalking issues, or workplace bullying because it is too diverse and diverts effort from our core service, which is providing unparalleled service to high net worth individuals and their families.

Our dedicated protection officers do confront a wide array of security issues such as those mentioned above, but only when those issues are having an impact upon the client and/or his family.

Q: How do I know that you have the best security professionals on your team?

A: We recruit people very diligently. We choose the best from a very narrow field of expertise and those selected spend many more weeks honing their skills to extraordinary levels of professionalism. We agree that it takes years to produce top end operatives. It is for this reason we will never be a broad-spectrum service provider with hundreds of employees. We will opt for bespoke quality over mass manufactured every time. We currently offer the highest quality, turnkey system with premiere follow on service in the world today.

Q: What are the qualities I can expect in the personnel you may send to me?

A: Good question. Every client has different needs and wants so we don’t have a cookie cutter solution. Unlike many, we spend a long time evaluating personality types, circadian rhythms, and lifestyle choices. Placing an "early bird" type Officer with a "night owl" client will not work, regardless of everything else. So we spend a long time listening to make sure we get the right balance in terms of client/officer balance. It is a painstaking process but it works.

Q: CASS Global is not cheap. Please justify your pricing system.

A: True quality is never "cheap". A cheap service is indeed a "cheap" service. So here is the hard truth. Clients are about to bring a highly trained professional into their lives. This individual will spend many an hour with them, in addition to being tasked with their personal safety. He will improve their quality of life, assist in making them more efficient (thus opening up more precious time for the client to do what he pleases) and always, always, "be there", regardless. CASS Global represents the finest quality currently available and we provide the best value for money in the industry. Our rates are highly competitive and actually fall below some of our upscale competitors because we don’t believe clients should be forced to pay for additional layers of middle management that does nothing to improve the level of service the client is paying for in the first place.

Q: Tell me about your family protection services.

Family protection assignments are highly sensitive and therefore family personal security details score the highest on our stress curve. To meet the challenging requirements of this type of security service, we deploy only our most experienced professionals.

Q: Can you elaborate on your "Joint" or "Combined" Operations?

A: The security element is only one part of the larger picture surrounding high net worth individuals. We have found that all subgroups such as personal assistants, domestic staff, family or company office, tend to pull off center from all the others. CASS Global believes in harmonization of labor, where all subordinate elements are well coordinated and work closely together to ensure premium service to the client. Bottom line is that we are all on the same team, regardless of job description, and teams perform better than a collection of individuals.

Q: You state that your CEO makes every effort to conduct the first interview/survey in person. Why?

A: Absolutely. This is an extremely important standard for us to maintain. When the CEO attends the first meeting, it enables the client to form a comprehensive view about our company and how we function.

  • The first one is accountability, which is huge. It states we are responsible for our actions, and the client has a face, a person, and a phone number to call if necessary.
  • Secondly, not many of our clients are familiar with all the methodology we employ and can be professionally educated in terms of performance expectations by the CEO himself.
  • Thirdly, clients are able to develop a "feel" for how CASS Global works and use our process as a yardstick from which to measure competitors. It also gives us information about the client which aids in the selection process of potential officers.

Q: Do you ever turn clients down?

A: Yes. We do not provide "discounts" for the privilege of working with "famous" people. Nor do we place operational staff into positions that are tantamount to indentured servitude. Sometimes we have to say no to clients who have unrealistic performance expectations. Lastly, we will pull operational staff from clients who, after repeated communications, strictly adhere to a path guaranteeing eventual self destruction.

Q: If you could say one thing to a potential client, what would it be?

A: Ask "why?" a lot more. Our best clients are those who are an interactive part of the process. By educating, they are more cognizant of the truly amazing services our operatives can render. There may be minor teething issues but with time trust will develop and once that is achieved, their personal and professional lives take a huge leap in a positive direction based upon what we can achieve.

Q: Last word?

A: We are in the extraordinary position of being arms-length away from people who change the world on a daily basis. It is nothing for our quality professionals to be inside 10 Downing Street one day, fly into Singapore the next and meet royalty the following. It is an uplifting experience to be providing security for individuals who have made enormous strides in women’s rights, in championing free trade agreements, or those who are one step away from being called Premiere, Prime Minister, or President. CASS Global is deeply grateful for the opportunities but in so doing, we never lose focus of our end game either. In that respect, we are just as driven as our clients to be the absolute best in their game in the world.

So far it’s working. But every day brings fresh challenges, which to us is another opportunity to excel.