Youth Development

CASS Global Security was once asked, at the insistence of the client, to develop a personal rehabilitation program for an errant son. The parents adhered to their personal belief that sending their youngest to a super expensive "spa" for rehabilitation struck neither the appropriate tone nor sent the correct message in terms of what they wanted him to learn.

CASS Global parried with the caveat that for a program to work, an individual must be able to assume accountability for his actions, outside supporting mechanisms (for the propagation of unwanted activities) must be removed, and the parents must be an interactive part of the solution.

Further research established that the techniques used to mentor young men in the Armed Forces such as working for the collective, teamwork, and a focus on targeted learning objectives with clear performance standards was the way. An additional requirement was the inclusion of a seasoned professional in rehabilitation.

So we literally rented a cabin in the North Woods and started from ground zero. How to build a fire. Effective communication techniques. Defining anger. How to stay warm in the cold. Cross country skiing.

Little by little, the workload and expectations increased. How to dig a snow shelter. How to survive in cold weather. How to ski 20 -30 km per day. We provided formal presentations of life goals and the methodology required to achieve them. Proper nutrition and sleep. Robust dinner conversations with the realization that he was now part of a team, each part interdependent upon the other for the collective to succeed.

Then one day (some time later), we threw him a backpack with the essentials on a bitterly cold -25F day and told him to come back in 3-4 days as he was on his own. He also had to ski 42 km to return to the cabin and that was also his problem as he had a map and compass. Then, we left him. (Of course he was under constant observation for safety, but he was unaware of that fact.)

He completed the training. On graduation day, we didn’t know who was prouder -- him or us. He returned home 28 pounds lighter, with a spring in his step and a huge jump in self-confidence which was non-existent upon arrival. Self confident individuals who have goals in life while appreciating their position in it (thus being grateful for where they are), are very difficult to seduce with the lure of drugs and a reckless lifestyle. Mission success.

This program falls under the direct supervision of Mr. Engbrecht personally and it is not accredited, sanctioned, or in any way endorsed by the myriad of rehabilitation firms out there.

It just happens to work.