Incident Suppression

CASS Global has no doubt that many men and women in positions of power have silently given thanks that they matured and assumed great responsibility before the cell phone camera came of age.

What is not in doubt is that two generations from now, as the youth of today begin to occupy the offices of the greatest and most powerful in the land, there are going to be some convulsions in trying to explain away photographs taken some 30 years prior. Welcome to the age of every photo taken by any person anywhere is forever for everybody. How those photos play out with the morals and attitudes that will represent Middle America at the time is open to speculation, but CASS Global hates gambling with the futures of real people. Hence the Incident Suppression program.

The premise is simple. People do things that, many years later, may have not aptly demonstrated the wisdom said individual has acquired in the intervening decades following the release of the shutter button. As the technical means to erode privacy increase and the media ramps up negative publicity of "soak the rich" headlines, those incidental photos will eventually assume an importance (like most things that society associates with the highly affluent) far out of proportion to the actual event itself.

In equal parts contingency planning and emergency response, the Incident Suppression programs strives to gain control of social media in terms of what is presentable, and what to do if an untoward event occurs. The preplanning should include the individuals, family office, media outlets if possible, legal, police if possible, etc. The framework needs to be developed long before a midnight phone call fraught with dangers to the family name awakens key individuals in bed.

CASS Global focuses not on judgment, but rather on the necessary steps to entail the public minimization of the event so as to provide the best possible platform for a younger generation to follow in parental footsteps if they so desire. By any measure, the future looks even more competitive than the past, and any individual who can move forward without any social media stigma attached is in a superior strategic position from which to springboard to greater achievements.