Crisis Intervention

If CASS Global was to interview 100 high net worth individuals and ask them the most important thing in their life, 95 would reply spouse and family, followed by business.

It makes little sense to provide a wide swathe of business consultancies if we overlook the most critical elements in the client’s world: his family.

As every functional family can attest to, there are going to be challenges. The problem is that with affluence comes a host of additional issues that undermine the morals and principles the parents are trying to teach.

CASS Global has accepted the fact that the children of the affluent are playing in a different ballgame altogether and that hard truth is unlikely ever to change. And as with ALL our risk mitigation strategies, the key is to stay ahead of the power curve and never cede the initiative.

To that end, the best form of Crisis Intervention is never to have one in the first place. To reverse plan one step further, sound prevention entails effective communication, direct family interaction, and so forth. A common thread in many of our clients is the propensity to focus 90% of available time on business with the resultant estrangement of family. Often it requires a domestic crisis to force the client into reallocating resources, primarily his time.

CASS Global strongly recommends contingency planning at the first sign of wayward behavior from children. Teenagers are cunningly adept at concealment and many parents fall into the "it won’t happen to my kid" mindset. The result is that when inappropriate behavior is actually discovered, it is often at a more advanced stage than what the parents realize.

Attempting to change the behavior of loved ones is an emotionally charged issue, regardless. To intervene with offspring is the worst form of emotional torture in the world. It is a very bad place to be with no plan, as emotions tend to overwhelm reason, further contributing to a negative outcome.

CASS Global treats family internal crisis like all others. A strong plan needs to be devised, updated every six months, and be the discussion of an annual In Progress Review.

The plan is a detailed Operations Order for the formation of a pre selected team to include legal, family office, rehabilitation, incident suppression, and follow on treatment with the goal of intervention at the earliest possible opportunity.

Case studies have clearly demonstrated that the development of such contingencies actually reduces the probability of their ever having to be used in the first place.

After all, if we cannot take care of the family, then everything else is for not.