Family Personal Security Detail

Invariably, family personal security details score the highest on our stress curve, due to the emotional and sensitive nature of the assignments. Towards that end, only our most experienced operatives are assigned and if the circumstances predicate it, Mr. Engbrecht has been known to accept the mission personally as a Director’s Case.

Family Protection Services fall into two broad categories:

  • The first applies to external, overt threats on family members emanating from outside the family circle. Kidnappers, stalkers, the mentally unbalanced, et al are the perpetrators, regardless of their being known or anonymous. However, by targeting wives, husbands, and children the leverage is increased asymmetrically and normally sober and objective CEOs can become involved emotionally. It is almost impossible not to overreact when immediate family is at risk. CASS Global understands this and handpicks the best personal protection operatives who have the right blend of emotional and mental traits to provide intangible support to family members who often lack the resilience of the head of household. Both the type and style of the personal security services needs to be precisely identified, and additional security measures are normally emplaced on a case-by-case basis. Tighter control measures are also enacted until the threat is negated.
  • The second category is equally traumatic, though this time the issue stems from inside the family circle. It is a statistical fact that high net worth parents face an uphill climb trying to instill their work ethic and moral values (which got them to where they are) into children who have, quite frankly, never faced the travails their parents did. It can be a significant downside to extreme wealth, and is especially insidious when applied to the 18-35 year old bracket. Alcohol and access to recreational narcotics only aggravate the situation. Potential dangers are multiplied exponentially with the social media phenomena. Unthinking acts by younger people can cause severe financial and branding damage to the family/corporate name as Youtube and the Internet never sleep. Photos of a younger Prince Harry sporting a swastika armband at a Halloween party gave the Royal Family no end of headaches and the antics of Paris Hilton represent a case study of a slow motion train wreck.

Every family in the world is an imperfect mechanism for at least a small percentage of the time, all of CASS Globals’ included. The issue is that our clients dwell beneath the bright lights of publicity, where even the most innocent hiccup is distorted and blown wildly out of proportion by a media whose only motivation is to sell newspapers.

CASS Global long ago realized that protecting the client while leaving the family vulnerable in any context, is a fool’s errand. To that end, we developed our trademark Family CP program, which underscores our point that if you can’t take care of the family, you are not really protecting the client in the first place.