Protection of Assets and Property

A recurring theme of CASS Global pertains to "joint" or "combined" operations where the security element is only one piece of a multi-cogged machine. We strongly believe that intelligent interaction between all parties improves the collective efficiency. It is akin to the theorem that a rising tide lifts all boats.

To that end, CASS Global strives to create integrated security packages that overlap all areas of the client’s life. Often this entails working directly with underwriters to ensure the best coverage while simultaneously working toward the goal of never having to invoke insurance policies in the first place. Our initial audit also includes options designed to save the client money. We do this by nixing superfluous frills and reinforcing key portions of the program.

The greatest ROI is when the client owns multiple properties, or has high value assets (yachts, cars, etc) in multiple locales. Intelligent retooling with local, out sourced security providers can reduce liability and premiums. Other advantages include the creation of a master inventory/responsibility matrix that not only outlines key duties but also maintains accountability of all sensitive items on the property book.

Normally we try to bring the Family Office, the legal section, estate managers, and any other key personnel under one roof for several meetings to ensure all are read on, support the project, and are able to contribute to the final product. Invariably the end result is the aforementioned "rising tide" which improves efficiency at all levels.

The key to success is asymmetrical thinking. Sometimes creativity plays a role and minimizing client cost is the only permanent standard.

The Protection of Assets and Property program is of special value to clients whose expansion has been gradual and on an "ad hoc" basis. This represents the best possible opportunity to tie the pieces together and close the loop on efficiency.

By centralizing the program we create one key position that maintains accountability, authority, responsibility, and efficiency with a telephone number and name attached. In so doing, we relieve the client of tertiary duties, allowing him/her to focus their energies on more valuable areas, be they work related or leisure.