Family Staff Security Training

Family Staff Security Training is a core essential to the overall safety of all of our clients. Human beings still represent the best overall form of security, or the absolute greatest danger to the client. It all depends on the quality of the subordinate team surrounding the client.

Domestic staff, to include personal assistants, are not always focused on security issues. They will have had a class or two during training prior to placement but that does not guarantee the collective following of robust security protocols.

CASS Global often provides Family Staff Security Training in conjunction with our Protection of Assets and Property Program.

At the heart of all successful enterprise resides a competent C3 which stands for Command, Control, and Communications. In terms of security chokepoints, the family staff and the family office represent the two critical nodes of the system. If we begin to leak information or adhere to sloppy professional standards, we are putting the client at risk in more than a physical way.

Our Family Staff training also begins with an emphasis on effective communications. A free passage of key intelligence improves the safety of the client while easing the burdens of responsibility for all. As has been stressed throughout this website, the goal is to develop one efficient organization though it may have many sub branches such as Domestic Staff, Security, Personal Assistant, Legal, and Family Office as independent offshoots. An "us and them" mentality does not work and only reduces overall efficiency. We have found this to be an excellent framework for opening training with Family Staff as it breaks down implied barriers immediately.

Additionally, by bringing on board the Family Staff as part of the "Security Team" we are effectively cross pollenating all subordinate elements with key skill sets that are useful to all. Which is also why all CASS Global operatives have the ability and willingness to set a formal table (or help the maid make the bed) in times of need...we all contribute to the common cause regardless of title in times of maximum effort.

A partial menu of

Family Staff training

can include the following:
  • The importance of Operational Security
  • Basic Counter Surveillance techniques
  • Deliveries
  • Unexpected Arrivals
  • Development of Low Level Intelligent Networks
  • Guest Protocols
  • Contingency Planning
  • First Aid Training
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Safe Room Procedures
  • An understanding of physical security measures currently in place and how to operate them (key personnel only)
  • Media management and policies
  • Driving techniques to identify hostile surveillance
  • Other topics as determined by CASS Global and the client

Our competitors sometimes contend that developing better communications with all subordinate elements is not a purely security function. We concur. But CASS Global also strongly supports the hypothesis that states the more efficient and cross-trained all staff become, the lower the likelihood for error from any of them.

Very few of the world’s elite achieved the milestones they did on a completely solo basis. Teamwork is the key to success and CASS Global understands that which is why we place such an emphasis on subordinate elements such as domestic staff.

A well-trained Family Staff dramatically improves the overall security posture of the client. In this case, it really is that simple.