Background Vetting/Lifestyle Analysis

The margin for error with high end clients is razor thin in terms of public scrutiny. The very affluent are envied for their wealth but few in mainstream American realize how hard it was to achieve that level of economic stability. As a result the public in general and the media especially relish the opportunity of dragging the "rich and famous" through the mud at every opportunity. It is indeed a hypocritical world and society’s mindset represents a battle that the affluent will never truly win, regardless of who was actually right.

Understanding that ANY type of negative media interaction represents Lose-Lose for the client is key to CASS Global’s approach. We strongly believe that the best defense is in fact a good offense. A good offense is represented by engaging the best possible service staff in all areas of the client’s life. In so doing we minimize risk immediately as intelligent and empowered subordinates clearly understand the inherent risks of stupid behavior and make every effort to avoid it.

Thus the key facet of the operation is, as always, the human one. We are fully cognizant the sole hiring authority for any domestic provider is the client. However, we can contribute to overall success by ensuring that the personnel put forward by the providers in question are indeed everything they say they are. As Ronald Reagan once stated, we should "trust but verify."

Our Services Fall into Two Broad Categories

  • The first one is assisting in the hiring process. We have the capacity to ensure the individual in question meets professional criteria in terms of criminal background check, legal authority to work in the US, debt, etc. We are also able to assist by evaluating the candidate’s capacity to work as part of a team, assist in psychological profiling, etc. We routinely conduct extended live interviews utilizing a multiplicity of techniques discretely designed to get the applicant to become as comfortable as possible and to display his "real" personality.
  • The other service is designed to identify the source of a leak within the family circle that is degrading the quality of life of the client. Normally this entails an individual with key knowledge providing unauthorized information to either the media or a commercial competitor.

Through manipulation of data, technical means, and surveillance we are able to identify the source of the leak and provide the necessary material to the client to enable him to make an intelligent decision.

The collective feeling towards vetting and investigations at CASS Global is that the more attention we pay to the former, the less likelihood of having to engage in the latter. In this case an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure.