Estate Security

CASS Global provides premium quality estate security solutions. You can rely on us for:

  • Security measures to safeguard life and property in estate homes
  • Personnel to monitor non-occupied estates due to insurance policies
  • Selection, construction, and training in the use of safe room(s) located on the property

estate security services

  • Estate Threat Assessment: conducting a detailed security audit designed to identify and remedy security based issues centered on the home(s) of the client
  • Effective Perimeter Security: developing the appropriate security architecture while still maintaining the visual beauty of the property
  • Protection of Assets and Property: bringing together Family Office, underwriters, estate managers, and other key personnel to create integrated security packages that covers all areas of the client’s life
  • Family Staff Security Training: helping the client hire trustworthy staff and preventing leaks of unauthorized information to the media or a commercial competitor

Our approach to ensuring the security of your property is quite unique. We understand that our clients want to enjoy their beautiful estate property, which is why we have a very unobtrusive approach when it comes to safeguarding them from the risks they face. Our low signature security service is based on a three-tiered security threat assessment that assures you a convenient and comfortable stay while we take care of your safety.

Tier one: Landscape design and lighting are an integral part of an estate’s security plan. We ensure that hard barriers such as fences or earthworks are pushed out to the maximum extent possible and see that natural vegetation is used unobtrusively to create choke points and approach avenues. Strategic lighting design takes care of places which pose potential threats at night. All this is done without marring the scenic beauty of your property.

Tier two: High-tech surveillance equipment in the form of motion sensor cameras, infra-red, CCTV, biometrics, digital video recorders and integrated systems keep watch over you and your belongings. Whether in the open or hidden, all systems will be routed through a central location for human or automated monitoring.

Tier three: The success of our estate security plan depends to a great extent on your household staff. We develop security protocols for your staff that are easy to follow and help them implement it effectively.

Once we have all security measures and protocols in place, we carry out a personal protection penetration exercise in a controlled environment. We work with you to identify and remedy any chinks in the armor.

We are sensitive to our clients needs to enjoy their estate home as a place to relax and unwind from a hectic lifestyle, which is why we are as discreet as possible when it comes to implementing estate security measures.

Enjoy your estate home while CASS takes care of your security!