This period was one of the most terrifying for the country since it was under the threat of the Philippine terrorist organization Abu Sayaf. With the southern archipelago under the threat of getting lost to this terrorist organization, the CASS Global team employed Special Forces protocols to keep the Abu Sayaf from entering the local villages. An important element of this is to form friendships and build trust among the locals which CASS succeeded in doing.

CASS had a memorable experience in the Philippines. Read on to find out.

The Philippines: The Forgotten Theater in the War on Terror

Just four months after 9/11 and weeks after the American invasion of Afghanistan, a second front in the Global War on Terror was quietly opened in the Far East. The Philippines, America’s traditional ally, was in mortal peril of losing the Southern portion of the Archipelago to the radical forces of Abu Sayaf, the Philippine equivalent of Al-Qaeda. Read on...

Global Security Mission: Destination Philippines

Regardless of religion, race, sex or age, we all share similar wants and needs as human beings. The challenge is in decoding the process to overcome preconceived bias. This is especially true for Global Protection Officers who must ply their trade in non friendly nations. To perform effectively, they must have a deep understanding of how best to interact with the host nation population. The scenario displayed here represents a classic case of winning over the local populace in the Philippines and continues to be a part of the CASS Global toolbox for the construction of long term success. Know more...