CASS Global has experienced the impact of the insecurity and violence of Mexico City on its rich and famous citizens. Our skills in security assessment and planning, and our technological awareness and expertise were put to good effect.

Check out how the experiences of Mexico shaped our perspective:

Estate Security Assessment – Mexico City

When those who dwell in kidnap-ransom negotiations speak of “ground zero”, they are not referring to New York. For those in the know, the epicenter of kidnapping (and all the auxiliary baggage such as fear, violence and pain) is in fact Mexico City. It’s a bad place to be young, rich, and well known of which our clients were all three. CASS Global was asked to conduct an Estate Security Assessment and the outcome was not pleasant for anyone. At the heart of the issue was defining the precise point on the security-freedom continuum which would be acceptable to all. Is it possible to win the battle and in so doing lose the war? Find out...

Mexico – The Human Price of Living inside the Security Bubble

Mexico City is a very bad place to reside if you are well known, affluent, and Mexican. Not so very long ago CASS Global was tasked with an Estate Threat Assessment in the most upscale neighborhood in Mexico City. Read more...