CASS Global's mission to Libya gave it many life lessons to learn. Nevertheless, it was our experience and our proactive but realistic approach to the situation that earned us gold stripes and kept us in the good books of the client, not to mention the many lives we helped to save.

So just what was the nature of CASS's service in Libya? Read on to find out.

Libya – A Study in Contingency Planning

When tyrants fall, the transition to democracy is not always as smooth as we hope. Such was the case with the "Arab Spring" which swept across much of North Africa. The disruptive effect of a power vacuum impacted all within it. Such was the case with a client in North Africa. Find out...

Escape into Libya

Gaddafi was dead, albeit recently. The employees at the energy plant where we were had heard the coalition fighters on bombing attacks only months ago. CASS Global, along with the client, was currently suffering the fallout of the so called "Arab Spring".
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