CASS Global was involved in the military missions of this African nation. Kenya revealed the worth of CASS Global’s mobile training team. In this hot and arid region, CASS trainers imparted quality training to the Kenyan infantry to ensure better performance in imminent combat operations. CASS trainers called the arid environs their home during the training period and imparted hands-on, performance oriented training.

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Kenya – CASS Mobile Training Team in Action

There is training and then there is training. It doesn’t take much to stand in front of a group and push the power point button. It is quite another to be sitting in the arid region of Kenya – the Horn of Africa, training infantry for pending combat operations. Read on...

Training the Kenyan Army – CASS Global Security

A primary function of any competent security firm is the organic capability to train the staff of the client. "Staff" is a multifaceted word and can include yacht crews, domestic staff, or even local nationals in austere and hostile locations. Read more...