Rome, Italy brought out the ultimate in CASS in terms of quick deployment and lateral thinking. CASS Global also proved that it has the right operative for the right task and can be counted on to provide security at short notice almost anywhere in the world.

Read about CASS Global's experience in Rome to know more about the company's commitment to its clients.

When Security in Rome is Needed – CASS Global Delivers

Sometimes the toughest jobs are those that superficially appear to be the most fun. Take a convertible Bentley, add one younger Protection Officer, mix well with nightclubs in Italy and you have the recipe for Corporate Stress. Read more...

When Youth Trumps Age and Experience – CASS Global

For those of us who occupy this niche world, it was one of those phone calls that you will remember exactly where you were when you received it. It was from our New York Office and as befits CASS Global, no words were minced. Find out more...