Assignments from France enabled CASS Global to showcase its expertise in various dimensions of security and service. This is thanks to the skill sets we have in our arsenal, which endear us to our many clients for whom security isn't always the only issue to be taken care of, but also logistics and service. Whether it is assisting individuals in their journeys or ensuring security and peace of mind for celebrities at major events, CASS has the relevant experience for the task.

Get to know the experiences of CASS Global in France:

Destination Paris: Personal Security Overseas

CASS Global is routinely tasked to provide personal escorts/assistants for individuals or couples/families that would prefer not to have to "do it themselves" and rest comfortably knowing that competent security is close at hand. Here's one example...

Securing Cannes 2014

CASS Global’s bodyguards had a special security detail at the Cannes Film Festival, 2014 where celebrities like Nicole Kidman attended along with renowned dignitaries. Read on...