CASS Global's proactive approach and skills in counter-intelligence, executive protection, emergency response, and security training were brought to the fore and honed further at the strategic mission in Ecuador. It was where our principles and our reputation of being not just another security organization were reinforced and further built on.

Read on to find out how our experiences in Ecuador helped shape much of what CASS Global is today:

Ecuador – Flawless Security Operation Against All Odds

If the full story could ever be told, it would guarantee inclusion in security training manuals for decades to come. This was the one where, against all odds, everything worked. It was a flawless operation where, magically, all the moving pieces meshed precisely to create the perfect operation. Here's how...

Ecuador – A Case Study in Success

It is a rare occurrence to encounter a situation which requires the utilization of all the tools in the box to overcome major hurdles and ensure personal safety, but that is exactly what happened to CASS Global in South America a number of years ago. Read on...