CASS Global's experience in Burma involved threat assessment for a business client looking to invest here. Our Dedicated Advance Team was deployed at a time the country was reeling under military rule and sanctions. CASS successfully developed Low Level Intelligence Networks through interaction and bonding with the locals and externally maintaining a tourist profile throughout their stay here.

Learn how we fared in the land of the pagodas:

CASS Global Conducts Threat Assessment in Burma

CASS Global's Dedicated Advance Team was pushed to the limit with an extended threat assessment in Burma back in 2007, when it was still under the rule of a military Junta. It was a balancing act on a tightrope. Swing too far one way and one risks confronting the wrath of a police state. But failing to dig hard enough will not provide the client with the material necessary to construct intelligent hypotheses. It was a case of choose your friends very carefully and pad quietly playing the role of tourist.

CASS Global Security Conducts Feasibility Study in Burma

CASS Global was once tasked to conduct an in-depth feasibility study for a transnational client who was considering investing in Burma. The time frame was in 2007, prior to the more recent liberalization of the regime which has taken a marked shift towards transparency and democracy. Know more...