This Caribbean nation entrusted CASS Global with the task of training its intelligence agencies, police and armed forces in surveillance, counter surveillance, terrorist methodologies, port security, executive protection and general security.

Read on to find out how CASS Global went about training government operatives.

Barbados, Antigua and Belize – Highly Targeted Training

Barbados, Antigua and Belize -- all small democracies wrestling with narco trafficking, economic development and corruption. Enter CASS Global who, in alliance with larger multinational corporations, has brought the esoteric skills of surveillance, counter surveillance, and maritime security to specifically targeted audiences. Read on...

Barbados, Belize and Antigua Security Training

Among many other responsibilities, CASS Global has been heavily involved as a private security provider in Barbados, Belize, and Antigua, in addition to other Pan-Caribbean nations. In all of these locales we have direct interaction with the host nation that has tasked us with the responsibility of training government entities. Find out how CASS did it.