Afghanistan has been a war ravaged country for many years. Counterinsurgency stokes violence across the country and the risk of kidnappings and murders is ever present.

CASS Global had a hands-on experience in this hostile environment for nearly a year. CEO Shawn Engbrecht was involved in studying the issues and delivering security solutions. Mr. Engbrecht mingled with the locals in places that were surrounded by the American and Afghan army. These are the tactics that come into play with Executive Protection. The veterans at CASS Global joined in and were involved in every possible role.

Get to know more about CASS Global's Afghan experience that shaped what the organization was, is and will continue to be:

Afghanistan (by Shawn Engbrecht)

The conflict in Afghanistan played a key role contributing to the success that is CASS Global today. In terms of security services in Afghanistan, the seasoned veterans who represent CGS filled every role imaginable. Special Operations included Green Berets and Rangers, Country Managers, Private Security Bodyguards, Convoy Escort, etc.

Journey into Afghanistan

Afghanistan, for CASS Global, represented a watershed in terms of becoming a first in class service provider. Our CEO spent nearly a year in the country, viewing problems and proposing solutions from all angles, in uniform as well as out of it.
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