Client Education

For all potential clients, there is a valuable lesson in the anecdote that follows:

Shortly after leaving Special Operations Command, our founder was an Estate Manager/Bodyguard/Personal Assistant for a US based billionaire and his wife. As it was a new Estate the family office had engaged the services of an "expert" and very pricey security firm to conduct a threat assessment for the property.

The pair, both formerly with the Secret Service, arrived and spent the morning on the property, snapping a few photos with a Polaroid camera. They barely spoke with the staff and were gone before noon.

Two weeks later they returned to conduct the security briefing to the family and to our company’s founder. It is now worth it to let our founder speak in the first person, recalling the events.

"I remember being very impressed with the "Secret Service" title. The binders were very glossy with dramatic pictures. The report itself, which now hangs in my office, was some 18 pages long including title page, table of contents, etc. The truth was that over 15 of those pages were template fill-in-the-blank "boilerplate" and there were only 2.5 pages of real content. The only other addition was a manila envelope with a dozen or so unmarked Polaroid photos of the property.

That was it, and for this masterpiece of mediocrity the client, (my boss at the time) had paid well into multiple 5 figures.

The hard truth is that I was impressed at the time because I didn’t know what I was looking at. After all, if it was "Secret Service" it must be good, wasn’t it? I had nothing to compare it to. I was floundering as I had no base line reference to determine and thus separate, the good from the bad."

The second point that I shall forever remember was that I opened my mouth and committed an unpardonable sin. I asked "Why?" As in, "Why is that the best way to do it? (I thought it was not the best way to do that but lacked the experience to be sure).

I was told, "because that's the way we do it and it’s the best way." I never found out who "we" actually was.

Some two decades later, I still reflect on that very valuable lesson, and more importantly, the impact it had on how we do business.

To that end, we urge every potent client to self educate (or have a trusted subordinate assume the role) so you don’t get buried under a mountain of technical jargon which you don’t understand and they won’t translate. To that end, we gratuitously provide a great deal of reference material on this site that any client should be able to use as a baseline to compare us against the competition. It’s a great Return On Investment for CASS Global because the better educated the client is, the greater the chance they will eventually do business with us. It’s a win-win situation.

Why? It’s a powerful word and we urge all potential clients to use it with reckless abandon when selecting a service provider. You drop the "Why?" word on us at any time, and we will take you from A to B in clear English in the most logical manner possible. You will understand the process behind it, which makes you a more knowledgeable client that makes you a better client. The absolute best way to ensure an alleged Subject Matter Expert actually knows what he is talking about is to make him prove it.

We have found that when our clients follow these suggestions they have a deeper understanding of the process that allows them to determine quality firms from lackluster ones. We fight hard for these clients because we never get the "why can’t you do the survey in two hours like the other company said they can?" questions. It's all about the quality.

With CASS Global, you do in fact get what you pay for. Quality.