VIP and Dignitary Protection

If the Dedicated Protection Officer represents discrete efficiency and the Celebrity Bodyguard’s theme is status, then the VIP or Dignitary bodyguard underscores Power. Regal is a common adjective, as these hand-picked individuals provide seamless service to those worthy of their attention.

These stalwart men, every inch the professional, are the epitome of silent service. Movements are fluid, courtesy is absolute, and security is airtight. For those who have never been on the receiving end, the experience is as memorable as the security provided.

CASS Global VIP members look the part. This division contains the highest concentration of salt and pepper hair, very expensive suits, and a detailed knowledge of the world’s most privileged places. We are long used to working hand in glove with other service providers to provide as smooth and relaxing a transition from place to place as is humanly possible. And although the circumstances may appear different, the attention to detail for all things security never changes. Counter surveillance operations continue unabated, the advance teams are silently awaiting their charges, and we continue to develop low-level intelligence sources at every opportunity.

What the client does not see are the endless hours of rehearsals, mission planning sequences that run well into the wee hours, and the relentless drive for perfection which is systemic throughout CASS Global.

There is in fact nothing effortless in our approach, though we receive many comments about, "making it look so easy and effortless". Steeped in experience, we long ago concluded that most fights are won long before we step into the proverbial boxing ring.

We consistently win because we focus on key details and develop superb contingencies long before the opposition is ever aware that an opportunity even exists in the first place.

For clients desiring the absolute best, who wish to be discretely surrounded by professionals at the top of their game, then this is the best option. If you believe that service, in its purest sense, is nearly transcendent to an art form and perfection in efficiency can be a thing of beauty in its own right, then this is the team to engage.