Dedicated Protection Officer

For the majority of our clients, this is the hand-picked individual who makes it all happen. Courteous, conservative, and utterly ruthless when need be, the Dedicated Protection Officer will eventually develop a sixth (and seventh) sense when it comes to anticipating your needs.

The eternal watchdog, his life is a never-ending series of counter surveillance drills, mission planning, and providing top shelf service to those assigned to his charge. Through exhaustive detailing and examination, he will ascertain individual and family weak spots and hand engineer appropriate counter measures. He is the one whose phone is always charged, invariably has small change, and can magically produce the much-needed umbrella on demand.

Assuming he is the median of our operational teams, he will be 35-50 years of age, and smaller in statue than you might expect. 170-210lbs (78-95 kg range).

When he is working on a Dignitary or Royalty protection detail his professionalism, overall bearing and discretion convince many onlookers to believe our man is the personal assistant. In short, he will bring no undue attention to himself.

Our median operator has a 78% chance of having seen combat in Iraq or Afghanistan for an extended tour, normally with a focus on high intensity urban or alpine desert environments. He will have been combat arms infantry, often Airborne or Ranger or Special Forces. We also have a smattering of Navy Corpmen (the bravest of the brave) and other Special Operations Forces. He is either bilingual or is working on a second language and he stands a 2 in 3 chance of having an advanced degree. In terms of Medical skills, at a minimum he will have an Emergency First Responder with Automatic Defibrillator training and about half of our operators work at the Emergency Medical Technician - B level or higher. He will be well versed in fluid management, (IV’s included), and Oxygen protocols should they be required.

He will have received extensive communication training. Effective communications is a prerequisite to client satisfaction. In between assignments, about 50% of our operatives belong to Toastmasters International, and continue to hone their public personas. In short, he will never embarrass you when placed under the media spotlight in terms of situational awareness and need and is highly articulate.

Physical fitness is worshipped at CASS Global and we maintain the highest levels of fitness in the industry. We do not smoke or drink on the job.

The last section is perhaps the most critical. Although all our staff go through a vigorous vetting process, it is not always the tangibles we are seeking.

Your Dedicated Protection Officer is the smile on the overcast day, invariably upbeat and will never be heard to complain in public. (We have bad days just like every other human on the planet, but you are not paying us to hear about it.) He will make every attempt to strike the words, "No, Failure, and I Can't" from his personal vocabulary. And if something is truly impossible, you can expect to be told why in addition to the most logical alternative.

Our Protection Officers are expected to display initiative, drive, and ingenuity when it comes to confronting life’s challenges. After all, that is the whole raison d’etre for underscores their reason for existence. And like many who are drawn from the ranks of Combat veterans, the worse the situation appears to be the higher their morale seems to climb. They are just that type of people.

The final compliment, to both client and operational staff, is one of turnover. If we get it right in terms of personalities, attrition is so low as to be negligible, which is quite an accolade to all parties concerned.

So if you need high quality service at overnight speed from bespoke, hand-picked, quality individuals, the Dedicated Protection Officer is the premiere choice in the land. He represents 100% of what has made us the finest service in the world.