Concierge Protection

As the name implies, Concierge protection is designed for unique events requiring additional support in terms of manpower or services. Usually this represents a "one time" event or a function that occurs rarely.

The gamut of requests covers the entire spectrum. We have been tasked with a high profile "men in black" appearance with our physically most intimidating operatives to create a "Command Presence" for a CEO conducting negotiations.

Other examples include individuals who find themselves at risk from stalking, or lawsuits where the opponent is prepared to risk physical intimidation and/or assault.

And as we alluded to elsewhere, sometimes it is nothing more than escorting a pleasant person or couple on a long planned trip who lack the languages/logistics to execute it themselves. Here we are more akin to robust personal aide than bodyguard for the duration of the operation.

Yacht security, while the client family plies blue water, is increasingly in demand.

Due to the unexpected nature of events where an issue may crop up at short notice, we maintain a dedicated team on permanent standby who can be wheels up at the airport within hours.

It should be noted that Concierge Security is tightly tied into Emergency Response, in terms of having manpower immediately available. Thus when our teams go into Quick Reaction mode, the truth is they have no idea of what the next call may bring. Clients are invariably pleased to hear that the individual dedicated to address their concerns has the onboard ability to form part of a Emergency Response element, so the professional standard remains invariably high.

Concierge security also pertains to existing clients who require additional manpower for a special occasion or event. They have found that dealing with us crates a turnkey relationship with controlled variables. Often it is easier to integrate with pre existing security elements than to bring on the neighborhood guard force of quasi-trained locals.

Concierge security represents the epitome of services that are only a phone call away. Nimble, priced competitively, and highly effective in terms of quality, this is the best mechanism to acquire turnkey service for one off projects as expeditiously as possible.