The Celebrity Bodyguard

A truly professional Celebrity Bodyguard has one of the toughest job descriptions in the industry. As the name implies, he is tasked with safeguarding the security of individuals who make their living under the klieg lights of the public eye. As such, to survive, his clients must be constantly interactive with the fans whose support the client depends upon. The tightrope act never truly ends: one must appear gregarious and polite to 99.9% of legitimate fans whose only goal is an autograph while never ceasing to scan the faces for that awful 0.1% who seek pain and violence. The memory of John Lennon is never far away.

For CASS Global Security officers who serve the true "A-listers" the task is made infinitely more difficult by the hordes of Paparazzi whose sole aim in life is to make our client's life as miserable as possible. The harassment never ends and a special mind set is required to deal with the antics of the gutter press.

The next obstacle for the Celebrity bodyguard is one of image. We must be a reflection of the clients we serve as pertains to attire, form, and personality. In other words, physical appearance counts. It is a bespoke process for each client, and we have any number of highly competent individuals who will never make it in this niche industry because they don't look good in Armani, look too military, etc. So as with all things Cass Global, extraordinary attention is focused on the details.

With CASS Global bodyguard services, the subsidiary mission of your Protection Officer is to maximize the positive impact the role of a world class bodyguard brings in terms of visually supporting the client. It's all about defining the image of who the client is.

In a cut throat world where one's next paycheck is dependent upon the public's perception of the celebrity, a top quality Protection Officer can provide that additional level of safety, awe and mystique which unquestionably contributes to the client's bottom line. The flip side is that a poorly trained bodyguard can have a detrimental impact far beyond the action itself. It is every clients' media nightmare to observe, in horrified silence, their bodyguard pummel an individual on a YouTube video gone viral overnight. Social media and the omnipotent presence of cameras on smart phones has rendered all of us ten seconds distant in the leap from obscurity to viral digital disaster. The distance for most celebrities, acutely aware their existence is directly tied to the media spotlight, is even less.

CASS Global understands these challenges and works diligently with clients to establish the defining theme the client’s wish to express. For some, it is the proverbial men in black, all gigantic in size, attired in body armor regardless of risk. For others, they prefer the image of the Protection Officer to be nearly convivial, and far more informal and low key that we would normally employ.

CASS Global spends an inordinate amount of time addressing the visual and stylistic needs of Celebrities than other companies. For us to be successful, we need to be able to help define what exactly it is the client wishes to express.

This is an all encompassing approach as it needs to be, for the Celebrity Protection Officer has one of the most difficult roles in the industry. We are highly competent because we lean forward in order to never be caught short.