Bodyguard Services

CASS Global is a specialist bodyguard security service dedicated to mitigating potential threats, regardless of type, at the earliest moment and lowest common denominator possible.

CASS Global is composed of human beings who strongly believe that you have the right to peace of mind, to travel freely, and to conduct your business without undue threat from outside sources. We believe that there is a right and wrong in the world and that we fall strongly on the side of the right. One develops that attitude when one is exposed to the wrong side for an extended period of time. So your security isn’t “just a job” for us; but rather represents a principle we are very passionate about. A principle that’s worth defending. As you will discover, that makes all the difference in the world. We’re here because we want to be.

We have achieved our world-class reputation by our proactive methodology, focusing on diligent mission planning, precise execution, and intelligent follow through.

All CASS Global operational security staff are extremely astute, well educated, and trained to achieve the highest standards possible in multiple platforms. Most are multi-lingual, all are Emergency Medic certified, and each one has survived a grueling selection phase where attrition often runs in excess of 75%.

“Friendly but never familiar”, “effective communicators”, and “highly skilled logisticians” are phrases clients use to describe our team. Well versed in positive interaction with other sub elements such as local police, family office, etc. Our staff employs sophisticated counter security measures while conducting discrete intelligence gathering to ensure that the application of controlled violence is always an in extremis occurrence of last possible choice. In short, the best security system is the one that never gets you into trouble in the first place.

Additionally, because we are in fact a security service, clients can expect the degree of personal attention which they are due when our soft spoken (but hard edged) men and women bodyguards arrive on station.

Because of our exclusive security training and pedigree, we are a bespoke fit for Corporations and High Net Worth Individuals and their families on a global basis. The level of highly focused concentration required for us to excel at our unique niche precludes our employment as “security guards”, “bouncers” or other roles which negate our built-in advantages. We are not a mundane organization and perform our best when confronted with significant challenge.

Last point. We saved the best for last. Because we are passionate about what we do, enjoy it, and strive to excel, we care. In fact, we care greatly. Which makes all the difference in the world.

If you have the challenges, we have the solutions.
CASS Global. Mitigating Risk. Creating Opportunity.