Yacht Security: Onboard Online

When Onboard Online, the world’s most pivotal website for the yachting community needed a North American take on all things security, it wasn’t long before CASS Global and Online Onboard were working on parallel lines.

CASS Global proffers a powerful duo, in the form of Andrew Day and Shawn Engbrecht. Andy has been in the storied ranks of one of the world’s most elite military units, specializing in Maritime operation. Shawn has been the right hand man to a number of ultra high net worth individuals and has a resonant understanding of the challenges the highly affluent face. Together, they have built a multi-tiered approach to yacht security unique in both scope and format. Focusing on highly efficient crews, which both believe represent the lynchpin of success, progressive training programs are developed predicated upon the needs of the individual client. Simultaneously a comprehensive review of the technical security features onboard is implemented and a concise series of recommendations complete the audit.

As a pair, they represent a formidable combination of knowledge, skill, and professional expertise. It is precisely for this reason they are now proud to be associated with Online Onboard and look forward to many worthwhile operations in the future. For those unfamiliar with this outstanding nautical resource, please follow the link provided.

For those who desire a private and confidential consultation with Shawn or Andy, please feel free to contact us, toll free, at 1-877-227-7318 or by utilizing the contact form provided.