Destination Paris: Personal Security Overseas


Not all security projects involve dark suits and sunglasses. CASS Global is routinely tasked to provide personal escorts/assistants for individuals or couples/families who would prefer not to have to “do it themselves” and rest comfortably knowing that competent security is close at hand.

A classic example is that of an affluent woman, in the latter part of her life, who was determined to visit the great museums of Europe on her own terms. A very high profile figure, she wished to shed her normal entourage and travel incognito. To accomplish this, she required one Officer who was highly skilled not only in security, but in logistics, service, and languages. He would also be expected to be a skilled conversationalist, for he would be dining with the client. In hindsight, the  true “security” portion of the assignment represented perhaps 30% of the total. The hidden value of the equation lay in our Officer’s capabilities to orchestrate the entire logistical package, enabling the client to focus on what she wished to do the most.

During their two month sojourn traversing the architectural wonders of Europe, two unique events were to unfold.

The first, and most important, was that the client thoroughly enjoyed herself. She never had to check out of a hotel, fumble for a train or airline ticket, or wait in line, as that was already looked after. This represents the “service” portion of the equation which is critical to CASS Global’s continued success.  Additionally, her new found anonymity was tremendously liberating, allowing her to “be herself” for the first time in years. She admitted post voyage that she was also able to relax because she knew that highly competent security was never more than a step or two away. And because she was comfortable with our officer it enabled the second event to occur.

She pushed the boundaries outward, creating a bucket list of “to-do’s” that, as a petite and elderly woman she would never have been able to complete solo. They caught some of the racier shows in Paris. Rented a gondola for a midnight trip in Venice. Watched the sunrise over the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. In short, she opted to drink heavily from the cup of life, and our Officer served as an enabler to that goal. Our Officer developed a very high regard for her as a human being, and later stated it to be a humbling experience. And though the client has since passed on, we use her case as the standard against which all similar operations we conduct are to be judged.

CASS Global has found that to clients of means, who wish to focus on enjoying themselves after years of continuous labor, we are able to provide both a personal service and security, allowing us to fill a multiplicity of roles. Though not “security” in the suits and dark sunglasses stereotype, the format described here continues to grow.

It is one of our most gratifying assignments, though often one of the most difficult in terms of tapping the right operative for the role. Then again though, nothing of real value is ever easy.